Kultur & Management, Inc., are specialists in facilitating human and organizational development processes which enhance the generation of added value from cross-border and cross-cultural business activities. Since 1998, we have successfully served business organizations and business people, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, that are dealing with the opportunities and challenges of international business.

Our core areas of expertise are:
Integrating the international & global perspective into strategic thinking and decision-making
Leveraging complexity and cultural diversity for business vitality and innovation
Building and enhancing leadership competencies for international/global roles
Developing organization capacity for international effectiveness
Building impactful and creative global teams, as well as effective virtual teams
Design of future-focused business education and development programs
Expatriate transition processes and enhanced expartiate productivity

Originally founded in Germany, Kultur & Management, Inc., is now headquartered near Denver, Colorado, USA, and has a subsidiary office in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Through our network of partners (clickable) on four continents, we deliver services in a broad range of locations and languages. Its Executive Director is Sabine Amend.

Sabine Amend founded Kultur & Management, Inc., in 1998. She is an intercutural trainer and consultant. Her current focus is on international M & A, knowledge-management in international HR, and international virtual teams. Her extensive international experience includes living, working and studying in Great Britain, the People's Republic of China and the USA. Her professional experience in Germany includes EU-lobbying for a business association with members from more than 70 different nations and marketing the State of Virginia as a business location for European investors. Most recently, she was manager of the international business trainings department at Carl-Duisberg-Centren gGmbH, Cologne. Academic background: B.A. Chinese and History (SOAS/University of London/Beijing Shifan Daxue); M.A. European Marketing Management (Brunel University London; Thesis: Intercultural factors in the perception of the utility value of online business information in Europe).