Kultur & Management, Inc., designs and implements tailor-made solutions, in a process of dialog with our clients.

The solutions we suggest to our clients are based on detailed needs assessments, or situational analysis, respectively.

Awareness of the whole context is an integral part of our work. By linking strategy with human development, we create superior value for our clients.

Network approach: Kultur & Management, Inc., selects individual experts, or puts together teams of specialists in reponse to client needs. These individual experts and interdisciplinary, multicultural teams create high-quality client-specific solutions.

Network approach: Our clients benefit from the entrepreneurial thinking and personal accountability of the service providers, and from low overhead costs. We don't sell you consulting capacity you don't really need.

The methods we use depend on the situation, specific needs and the agreed-upon objectives. Amongst others, we use systemic approaches, draw on insights from process oriented psychology, and work with improv acting and business theatre techniques.