Intercultural Challenges of a Transatlantic Merger
The management of cultural differences in German-American mergers is a crucial success factor. This article highlights key cultural dynamics. Approaches for utilizing cultural issues in mergers as a learning opportunity on the road towards creating a global organisation are suggested.

Doing Business in Germany
For many Americans planning to do business in Germany, cultural differences are a non-issue. In this article, you will find information on how businesses can use cultural knowledge and skills for a smooth and efficient start in the German market.

International Assignments: Re-Entry – A Missed Opportunity?
A brief outline on why coming home from an international assignment is a challenging transition process, and how both returnees and organisations can benefit from a pro-active approach to re-entry, including re-entry training and acknowledging the value of international experience in the home organisation.

What happens when the expat returns home?
Many human resource professionals use cultural pre-departure trainings to ensure a smooth transition into the host culture. In contrast, the return process of the expats into their home culture is mostly neglected. Read up on how managing the re-entry process can contribute to global knowledge-management and better staff retention.