Intercultural learning is a change process.

Ten blind people stand around an elephant, each touching a different part of this elephant with their hands: One man (at the trunk) shouts: "It is a garden hose!", someone else (at the leg) yells: "It is a tree!", someone else again (at the tail) asserts loudly "It is a brush!" - and so on.

Each man is shouting to be heard, fiercely asserting he is right ...

How can they move forward?

Kultur & Management, Inc., offers the design and implementation of tailor-made transformative learning experiences. In our trainings, coachings, processes and workshops, we facilitate changes in perspective for our clients. These shifts in perspective allow you to see and subsequently handle the dynamics of intercultural interactions in new ways. We help our clients deal with business challenges such as international post-merger-integration processes, communication between headquarters and international subsidiaries, effective leadership in virtual teams or the management of international projects.

Depending on the specific situation, we work with a focus on individual learning, or with a focus on organizational change processes.